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Find A Career After Secondary School

Find a Career that fits you:

 After Secondary School

 Our Jobs and Career Coach Counselors can:

  • Help you choose the best career path to follow by providing enjoyable and profitable options which fit your personality traits, natural ability and areas of interest.
  • Assist you in setting specific education or occupational goals for pursuit;
  • Guide you in choosing the most appropriate institution where you can pursue your career goals.

While in your current Career:

If you are thinking about a new career or contemplating on changing jobs

Our Jobs and Career Counselors can:

  • Helps you analyze whether your talents are being used in your present career
  • Suggests ways to achieve personal growth within your current occupation
  • Assists you in making critical mid-career changes in order to make the best use of your prime income-earning years

If reentering the job market(after retirement):

Our Jobs and Career Coach Counselors can help you:

  • Provide advice on how your talents and passion can be use to pursue new opportunities or post-retirement occupations
  • Suggests options for employment (paid or voluntary) where your talents and accumulated experience can be used to benefit others and provide you with rewarding and satisfying work.

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